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Can someone review two of my character and tell me your opinion about them and what I need to fix
Please and thank you

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ok so, here's my feedback, but please take it with a grain of salt, cuz i'm not the best at providing feedback so uhhh

for odin: i checked through some stuff in his file, and immediately noticed the family ties weren't there besides for his german shepherd. was that on purpose, or is it a wip? cuz i can't tell. i was also gonna mention the backstory being unknown, but that coulda been on purpose too. otherwise, i think he's great! i love his design!

for tito: i love his design! ok just had to get that off my chest rq. i also love the deatil in the backstory!! the depth is amazing, and though there could be some missing details, i just wanted to say that the depth and detail in the backstory was really good- there's also the family ties situation again. i dunno if that was purposeful or what, but i feel the need to point it out for some reason– other than that, he's a really great character! i can't wait to see more of him!!

@King-in-Yellow group

Ok, thank you for the Feedback,
For Odin: I will be making him his family soon and I'm still working on his backstory. I only really good with backstories, when the Character is insane really

For Tito: Thank you again and I have to make his family because I have their names but I will need to go through them
But thank you again, I glad that someone thought my characters are cool