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Welcome to the Doctor Office, If you need help with any Medical Problem with your Characters. Ask Me and I will help. I will give you the truth and nothing but the true

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Hi, theoretical question here…
I have a character that well… to keep it simple he becomes trapped in his own mind for a very long time, then ultimately is ripped away from his physical body for a couple months until they literally make him a new one…
Aside from emotional and mental trauma, what sort of physical issues would they have?
I've already kind of determined that they'd have sensory issues in the form of a disconnect between hearing/seeing/touching things and processing them mentally/emotionally… (So things like being easily spooked by loud noises, unsure of how to react to different textures and sensitivity to light/temperature etc.)
But what about movement, coordination, and motor skills? What sorts of problems might they have in that area and how long would it take for them to recover?
Essentially they've not been in control of their own movements/body for approximately 4 years… At the time of regaining control they'd be about 14, so I'd imagine there'd be puberty things that might also be messed up?
I understand this is very uhm… not realistic… I'd kind of equate what happened to him as a really bad four-year coma almost? Kinda?

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So, in theory, your character would have problems with movement, coordination, and motor skills because they have to get used to their new body. You see, when you are first born then you get used to your body after a long time but since they're in a new Body. They will have to get used to their body, which takes up to 1 year or 2. Puberty would only affect his mental help and only some parts of the body. Normal stuff like sexual stuff and hair and stuff.