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As the title says, try to describe your OC with only ONE word. It's harder than it seems tbh, minimalism is key! You can use any word, related to any part of the character (backstory, appearence, personality, role, whatever you prefer), as long as it's 1, ONE, single, singular, isolated word, not a term, a word. Sure, go wild with the formatting if you wanna make the entonation more ~spicy~. Hell, you can just write "yeet" if you want.

I'll go first (won't do all my OCs because haha 131 of 'em):

Henka - r a g e
Inoue - oblivious
Jack - guilt
Marylinn - grace
Seiji - Professional.
Kainu - aging?
Amadrya - f l o w !
Aleessa - submission
Azure - unapologetic!!!
Frank - recluse
Nikkolai - stained
Triallus - Reign.
Oscellus - envy
Simon - loathing…
Wolfram - unconditional.
Paul - =Superficial!=
Carl - inexpressive
Heidi - BalancE
Coraline - SCENE!
Cecília - immobility.
Oscar - … scatterbrain?
Olga - Life!
Hefestos - Death.
Florence - !counteRculturE
William - disappointment
Kim - untruth
Mars - ~Flamboyant~
Valerie - Work.
Peter - a | b | s | e | n | c | e
Max - Agression
Wyquasia - S e l f .
Bitcoin - . R . U . N . A . W . A . Y .
Ana - >anorexia<
Lyer - Pistanthrophobia…?
Catherine - depression.
Awad - a NXiEt Y
Azrael - U N O R T H O D O X
Eeri - >-explore!->
Natt - smile…
Evig - Wealth.
Lavandel - Patience
Vandrer - R A C I N G
Sindre - Bittersweet!…
Gunvor - P E R F O R M A N C E ! ! !
Ailia - indifference

@Serpentess health_and_safety language

(Hmm… I’ll try this with a handful of my characters. Hopefully it works, lol)
(Hey, lmao, I have 132 characters! How about that!)
(Side note: I don’t know a lot of keyboard emojis, so yeah… Experiment time, lol)

Lucitius: Strange…
Synthia: Matriarch
Tamrius: >Arrogance<
Mythrius: Blunt
Ghar’Teus: Pyro
Phalakros: Trauma! :’(

De’Tearion: Honor
Mileena: Sweetheart:)
Kierthēl: Vengeance

Ōn’nyosh: Pervert;)
Norkhal’rokh: Nostalgia
Falbahaddon: Malevolence

Goldergon: Homicide!
Malcolm: Grouch.
Mardicos: Solitude

@Anxietyfilledcinnamonroll group

(All 200? Maybe 30-ish will do)
(I'll give my hand at it)

Nathaniel- HELL

Ender- ✨Desire✨

Gwen- Naïve

Jax- Depressed :(

Val- Hyperactive!!!!!!!

Amity- Strict.

Dominic- Patience

Bane- Fearless

Julian- Healing

Alaska- Sassy

Andrea- Defiant

Eris- Rowdy

Haiti- E V I L

Ira- Heavenly

Holly- Wary..

Isen- Anxious

Malak- Knowledge

Seth- Resentment


Tavvi- Requiem

Nikolas- Torture

Luci- DEAD >:)

Lazarus- Longing

James- Gallant

Patience- Biased

Lucian- Light

Azazel and Salem- Duo

Loki- Ignored

Lilith- Overbearing

Pax- Kindness

Silas- Crime

Gabriel- * Cataclysmic *

@Larcenist-Arsonist group

oho let's go (i'll be coming back with other characters later alk;ds)

Abel: s l a u g h t e r
Rhyda: watch.
Shea: > R E B E L <
Grace: love.
Felix: gamble.
Drew: … plead …
Bianca: TH RA SH
Donovan: RULE.
Cagney: propitiate
Jeb: «»innovate«»
Crimson: PLAN!
Haru: battle.
Ray: Repair-
Artemis: speed
Sid: crowbar!
Holden: specter

@Starfast groupDance & Cry

Crispin: Impulsive
Caleb: Optimist
Eva: Caring
Gerard: n e r v o u s
Matthew: Sad :(

Keyla: Determined
Milo: Fearless
Garzlan: Gentle
Ravina: Fiery
Farli: Mysterious
Taven: Sweetheart

Dallas: Confused
Andor: Chaotic
Ara: Pretentious


Zara: Sword
Daisy: Heart
Niara: Instincts
Phoenix: Science
Rosewood: Family
Aera: Run
Esta: Perform
Rin: Leader
Lea: Stunts
Tas: Academic
Liaya: Social


Robert: Protect
Jack: Mood
Sidney: Moodless
Charles: BoY
Annabeth: Adopt
Felicity: WEAPON
James: Confused
Lily: Baby

@Mojack group

Kyrios: P R I D E F U L
Siirawyn: lost.
Bogdan: Science!
Istrad: LIAR.

Arthur: enduring…

Raven: RABID

Fillip: intelligent.

Antosha: metamorphosis
Leila: survivor.
Timofey: t r y i n g.
Yeva: Selfless

@arrowchristian group

Max: Soft
Bryce: tired…
Six: Hugs!!!
Vikki: ……Complicated
Percy: E X A S P E R A T E D
Jason: Busy.
Two: CHAOS!!!!!
Renee: murder
Harvey: STOP
Mercy: Mom
Four: Baby 💕💕💕
Nine: Protect.
Eight: Cot🐱

@Pizzazz11 group

(This looks interesting :0)

Jay: dork

Shaun: Guns.

Kemorie: Sweetheart 💕

Sol: Grumpy.

August: Charming

Levi: Trickster 😶

Pyrox: 💕💕ROCKS💕💕

Lauren: Smol 😢

Sky: exhausted

@squiddicus language

Roon: style
Jay: #oblivious
Ferl: sweetheart :)
Fyzel: >MUSIC<

Blaze: »ENERGY«
Riyah: peace
Qili: side-eyes
Ceryn: Speak.
Eve: Knowledge
Nova: 🎉PARTY🎉

Karolt: hero?
Venaroh: Strength-

Reed: sc a tte rb r ain ed- ??
Ohonzi: Together
Elora: selfless
Robin: <>Explore<>
Jor: humour
Eredis: gremlin
Kosros: Mastermind.


M: Caring
S: Academic
B: Jovial
D: Jock
S: Trying
K: Unnerving
C: Angel
L: Stabby

@Arya_O*O local_movies

Addic: Drunk/high
Maia: Witch
Violet: Sweetheart
Leo: Flert
Liam: Daredevil
Tessa: gambler
Maddie: Hoe
Lucas: short
Smithy: dead
Leo#2: Daddy
Maddy: Homicide