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and anyone else with characters who are twins, triplets or some sort of -lets.

Castor, Pollux, Ro & Wan have arrived
Or maybe it's Castor, Pollux, Wan & Ro

Castor and Pollux: are in the middle of arguing about something or other
Ro and Wan: Wan [or possibly Ro] has a duckling and is ducking away from Ro [or possibly Wan]'s hands as they try to grab it
Ro [or possibly Wan]: sees Castor and Pollux Hi! I'm Ro and this is Wan!
Wan [or possibly Ro]: grumbling You got to be Ro last time! I wanna be Ro.
Ro [or possibly Wan]: But I'm Ro this time. You can be Ro next time.
Wan [or possibly Ro]: Fine. points to the duckling This is Panther.

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Ves-In-Lagg, Val-In-Lagg, and Vis-In-Lagg [Ves or Vesper, Val or Valerius, and Vis] cautiously venture in.

Val: What is this place?
Vis: Strange. Chuckles.
Val: Huffs
Ves: Shut it, both of you! Greetings to the others here. I am Ves-In-Lagg, First Cheiftain of the Lagg Tribe.

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Wan [or possibly Ro]: waves I'm Ro, and this is Wan.
Ro: huffs It's not next time yet.
Castor: Hi. I'm Castor, and this is Pollux. Those two will pretend to be each other until you have no idea who's who.
Pollux: Ro is the girl, Wan is the boy.
Wan: You guys are no fun.

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Ves: Hums, then bows in greeting. He looks at his brothers, waiting.

Val: Bows. I’m Second Cheiftain Val-In-Lagg, yet you may call me Val. Or Valerius. That one is slowly growing on me.

Vis: Rolls his eyes at Val, then bows as well. Third Cheiftain Vis-In-Lagg, yet you may call me Vis. And, Ves-In-Lagg, you can call Ves… or Vesper. Snickers.

Ves: Gives Vis a stern look. Why must you always do that? Leave mine mate’s nickname for me out of our introductions.

Vis: Laughs. ‘Tis hilarious!

Ves: Narrows his eyes at his brother.

Val: Steps between the two, chuckling. Enough, brothers. Ves, it is humorous. Vis, shut it. There, discussion over. Now, back to our companions.

Ves: Sighs, but looks back at the others

Vis: Snickers at the whole scene.

@thenetherlands language

Ro and Wan: You can just call us Rowan.
Castor: shrugs I have no nicknames.
Pollux: And we don't want any.
Wan: to Val, Vis and Ves Why are you guys all Chieftains? Isn't one enough?

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All three brothers: Confused by the Rowan comment.

Ves: Nods in acknowledgment at Caster and Pollux.

Val: Snickers at Wan. Typically, there is only one Cheiftain for each tribe. Yet, we are unique. We are… siblings from the same egg.

Vis: Humans have a better name for it, yet it makes no sense. Humans are strange creatures.

@thenetherlands language

Ro: Huh. So kinda like Wan and I? We were only supposed to be one, which is why we have the same name. Except we would rather be two.
Wan: You say that like we had a choice.
Pollux: Humans are indeed weird.

@Serpentess health_and_safety language

Val: Nods. We were only supposed to be one, yet we are three. Our egg was the largest in the clutch, which might explain why our smaller broodmates never hatched.

Ves and Vis: Nod at Val’s words.

Vis: Looks at Pollux. Indeed. Yet, strangelings are worse.

Val: Sighs. They often have the worst qualities of their parents. A pity.

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Enzo and Cappuccino arrived

Enzo: Cappuccino, I told you that I didn't want to come here
Cappuccino: Well too bad. We are here.
Enzo: We are not even twins
Cappuccino: Who cares

@trinitywilliams group

Enzo: waves at Castor walk away from Cappuccino
Cappuccino: Yeah. Has my little brother talked about me?
Enzo: rolls eyes Cappuccino, I hate you so why would I tell anyone about you?
Cappuccino: Whatever Enzo


Apollo and Lilac have joined

Apollo: Hello to everyone! Im Apollo, this is my twin sister Lilac!
Lilac: leave me alone please

Also Lilac: hides her face while speaking

@thenetherlands language

Wan: shrugs Sure.
Ro: By "alone," do you mean stay a good distance away but still talk to you or just ignore you? And do you want Wan's duckling?
Pollux: waves hello to Apollo and Lilac I'm Pollux. Nice to meet you. turns to Ro Normal people don't go around giving out ducklings.
Ro: Normal is for normal people. I'm Ro, by the way.
Castor: I'm Castor. to Apollo Cool name.


Lilac, smiling: I love him! What should I name him [looking up at Apollo]
Apollo: I dunno, I like the name Milo.

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Ro: Why are you named after a DRINK?
Wan: shrugs Why are you named after me?
Castor: slaps his hand over Ro's mouth Spare us.