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Before this rp starts, I want to at least get a few characters assigned. Here is a full list of characters I plan on including. I do have a storyline planned out for this so to ensure we don't get too off track (tho that's okay) I will be a lot of characters that drive the plot. (I'll try not to take the fun ones though) Some characters won't be as needed as others but if you want to know who the main focus is on, just ask!

Bruce Wayne: Megan
Dick Grayson:
Jason Todd:
Tim Drake:
Damian Wayne: Megan
Cassandra Cain:
Steph Brown:
Barbara Gordon:
Silena Kyle (Catwoman):
Vicki Vale:
Danny Fenton:
Clockwork: Megan
Sam Manson:
Tucker Foley:
Valerie Gray:
Jazz Fenton:
Dani Fenton:
Box Ghost:
Maddie Fenton: Megan
Jack Fenton:
Mr. Lancer:
Dash Baxter:
Paulina Sanchez:
Star Jones:
Kwan Touki (I have a headcannon that dash is dumb and thought Kwan was his first name):
If you want to add any other ghost or classmate just ask
Marinette Dupain-Cheng: Megan
Adrien Agreste:
Alya Cesaire:
Nino Lahiffe:
Luka Couffaine:
Lila Rossi:
Other students can be asked for I'm just too lazy to write them all out
Sabine Cheng: Megan
Tom Dupain:
Gabriel Agreste:
Other kwamis can be asked for.

More fandoms and characters may be added later, but for now this is what I'm planning.