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So I'm really excited that Inktober is finally here, and I'm kinda surprised we don't have a thread for it yet. I know I'm not the only one participating this year so I thought it would be fun to have a universal Inktober thread where we can all share our Inktober drawings, cheer each other on, and just generally send support and positivity through the month.
I'm going to be following the official list, but if you're following a different one feel free to share here anyways.

The official 2020 prompt list is here:

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My art class made our own prompt list, but it's really fun

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^ Nice :D I love it when people stick to a theme while still following the official list. I've never actually done that, but I've seen some other people do it and I feel like it always results in some really neat interpretations of the prompts.

Anyways, here's my day 1 drawing

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I also have uhh, eldritch-tober that I was doing first
I'll see if I can upload the first prompt which was Eyes

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Day 2 of Inktober, complete!
Prompt was 'Wisp', naturally, I did Brook in his soul form, 'cause it's wispy.
Woulda done Sanji, but 'Chef' is day 22 and I'm obviously gonna do him then.

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Almost forgot about today's drawing

Day 3- Bulky

The reference that I used for this one was actually one that I took when I was in Thailand earlier this year:

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Aah found this thread a bit late

I'm kinda behind but here's the first two days from a different list (not in ink but…)