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I remember we had a discussion for this last year so here's a new one!

If you don't already know, Art Fight is an annual art trade event where there's two teams and the teams attack each other by drawing each other's characters. The theme hasn't been revealed yet but it starts July 1.

here's my profile:

@SwimwithGamers group

I'm doing early bird sign up right now but am having a tiny crisis.
I love both, but I'm better at cyber. The worst part? I have a Steampunk character and it feels like betrayal to do otherwise :')

And I'm not entire sure on the teams because this is my first year too

@Becfromthedead group

Omg, do you actually have to draw for the theme? ;-;
Because I don't have characters for either genre, and I've never drawn either save one character for a Cyberpunk 2020 campaign.
But I also love both so much I wouldn't be able to decide.

@SwimwithGamers group

Ah I don't think so! I just have a Steampunk character I'm attached to that I still need to link yet. You're characters don't have to fit the theme I know that