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Worldbuilding is better with a world of ideas.
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The community drive has ended.

A huge thank you to everyone that participated in the community drive!

Our raffle winner has been notified (check your email!) and we've added 10GB of storage space to all Premium user accounts from now until forever as a thank you.

Additionally, our feature voting has also ended and you can expect to see Forums & Chat Rooms (and then Universe Collaboration soon)! We've left the rest of this page live and as-is for reference.

Happy worldbuilding!

- Andrew, creator

Raffle progress
(last updated June 15)
Book small currently has 20 subscribers. We're 8% there!

Since launch, we've seen a ton of great feedback and feature requests — and are looking forward to making better and better every day.

To fund that development (and keep my lights on while working full-time on the project), we launched subscriptions on February 1st, 2017. Since then, subscriptions have directly funded development and server resources for, resulting in several great new features.

Until June 15th, is hosting a community referral drive with a ton of great rewards and prizes to all users who take part and refer their worldbuilding friends to

Rewards for participating

On June 15th, will be holding a raffle to reward those with a Premium subscription and those that participated in the community drive — and more subscribers means better prizes!

Current raffle
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Best raffle
All raffle prizes

More goodies for you and your friends with every referral

Each user you refer that signs up for Premium will automatically gift both you and them some extra goodies.

Rewards for you
Notebook rewards for your bud

Get extra votes for's first community feature

Worldbuilding is better with a world of diverse experiences and ideas. For the first time, all Premium users have been given a vote to decide what's first community-based feature will be! You can cast your vote at the voting page, and you can earn additional votes with each referral.

Community Challenges

Submit your worlds to themed challenges that will push your creativity to its limits — with prizes!

Universe Collaboration

Collaborate and work together with friends and coworkers in your universes — while staying in control.

Forums & Chat Rooms

Discuss your worlds and ideas in great detail with other brilliant worldbuilders from all over Earth.

Expert Q&A Sessions

Get any and all of your worldbuilding questions answered by experts on geography, civics, biology, and more.

Only -371 days remaining in the community drive.
Users with a Premium subscription will be randomly selected as raffle winners on June 15th, 2017.

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Frequently asked questions

  • help_outlineCan I invite multiple friends?
    Absolutely! In fact, we'd love it if you did! Whenever any of your referrals sign up for a Premium subscription, both they and you will receive the extra goodies above. There's no limit to how many goodies you can get, so invite anyone and everyone you think would enjoy and/or love!
  • help_outlineCan the friends I invite also invite their friends?
    Absolutely! It doesn't matter whether you were invited by a friend or signed up yourself — anyone you invite will be eligible to earn referral goodies for you and them whenever they sign up for a Premium subscription.
  • help_outlineHow does the voting work?
    Until June 22, all Premium users can cast their votes on the first community feature to be developed at our voting page. After that date, the feature with the most votes will win — and will be introduced with's next feature update.
  • help_outlineWhen will the raffle drawing happen?
    The raffle drawing will happen at noon UTC, June 15.
  • help_outlineHow can I check the drive progress?
    Come back to this page anytime! You'll be able to see how the drive is going, how close we are to the goal, and what the current rewards and raffle looks like. Don't forget — the more subscribers we get by June 15, the better the raffle will be!
  • help_outlineHow long does someone have to sign up for to count?
    Any user that signs up for a Premium subscription will count towards progress in the drive (unlocking new rewards and gifting goodies to their referrer). Premium users with an active subscription on June 15 will be eligible to win in the raffle.
  • help_outlineCan I be selected for the raffle twice?
    In order to give everyone a fair chance at winning something in the raffle, each user is only eligible to be drawn in the raffle at most once.
  • help_outlineHave any other questions?
    I'm always happy to chat! Feel free to send me an email directly at andre[email protected]