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As a Voice NOC Engineer, the job description of your role isn’t overly complex. You will be working to design network systems for use in the telecoms field to manage VoIP (voice over Internet protocol) and telephony systems. Typically, you will also install, maintain, operate and troubleshoot voice communication systems.

You will need to deliver a wide range of duties within the network operation center to ensure it supports the consumers in a timely fashion. This also requires co-operation with the other telecoms teams in a professional manner. Your job will also involve transitioning new clients into the NOC support center, and promoting a good understanding of the client requirements to maintain the communication system as per their guidelines.

Further responsibilities can include the preparation and issue of summary reports, analyze the effects and present the outcomes to supervisors. You may also be required to take control the fault handling and escalation procedure (finding and returning to faults on managed devices and carrier WAN/ PSTN) while also managing and coordinating with third party suppliers (Juniper, Cisco, and WAN/PSTN carriers) on managing escalated problems through the solution.