Steps to Follow While Writing an Annotated Bibliography

So, folks, you have the assignment to do on how to write an annotated bibliography. Before we jump into the topic of following the steps to write an annotated bibliography, it is important to know what basically is an annotation. An annotation is not merely is brief summary of a text or any other source of information. It provides information regarding the text and whether or not it should be read and write my essay. An annotation in its own way is dissimilar to an abstract. An abstract is majorly a descriptive text based upon the summary of a text which can either be an article, a book, or any other kind of source of information. 

Annotations on the other hand can also be descriptive but it is usually evaluating the text and critically analyzing it. Now we come to explain what Annotated bibliography is. An annotated bibliography is similar in how it looks to a reference list. There are some differences as well. In an annotated bibliography, each reference is followed by a paragraph which explains the content of the source and it is usually 100 to 120 words in length.

If by any chance you have a friend who needs help in their paper and they ask you to write my paper or annotated bibliography for instance then this guide will help you write it effectively. An annotated bibliography has different purposes and functions for which it is written. It provides a literature review of a specific subject, is also caters to helping in the formulation of a thesis. It explains and explores the research that has been done about the subject of the topic. Furthermore, it explains and provides examples of the sources from which the content is cited from and also it describes what other researchers might find usefully related to a particular topic. There are two types of annotated bibliography, one is known as the informative annotated bibliography and the other one is known as the critical annotated bibliography.

But before we explain that it should be known that anyone who develops the skill of writing an annotated bibliography is not only good research but also a good essay writer as well. Anyway, let’s jump back in! A descriptive annotated bibliography is similar to an abstract as it also summarizes the cited text into a paragraph by simply describing the key or main points. It also explains why a particular source is important or useful to be added and it also describes the main arguments of the author without analyzing or evaluating it from a particular perspective. The second type of annotation which is known as the critical or analytical type of annotated bibliography usually analyzes the text by considering its leanings and biases as well as its strengths and weaknesses. It also analyzes the relevance of the text and how is it applicable to the research that is conducted.

Now that we have known that what is meant by annotations and what are the different types of annotated bibliography, we move on to how to start and what steps to follow to write our annotated bibliography. First things first. We need to choose the sources from which we have to cite the information. Then we move on to the next step where we review all the items and decide which one of those provides a wide range of perspectives on a given topic. Reading the abstracts of articles can help you decide that easily. After this, you write your citations and annotations. It is important to note that citations are to be written first which should be followed by the annotation. 

To answer that what should be included in the annotated bibliography, it depends upon the what purpose is the work written, for who is it written for, and a summary of the whole content. Also, it should include that how is it relevant to the topic of the content and any distinct features of the material. It should also include and discuss the biases or towards a particular argument that is being made in the content which is cited.

The format of the annotated bibliography must be according to the citation style and format that your instructor and supervisor have asked you to write it in. Usually, if you search online for any credible essay writing servicethey can help you with writing an annotated bibliography. However, if you’re the kind of person who wants to do everything on their own then are here to help. We will explain through an example to you how to write an annotated bibliography in a particular citation style. For example, if you write your annotated bibliography in APA style then you have to follow the conventions of it. For an article in APA, it should have been in a particular order. It starts with the Author’s name. After that comes the year is mentioned and then the article title. In this order next comes the journal title and the volume and the page numbers.

An annotated bibliography helps in increasing the understanding of a particular topic. It helps in understanding the overall theme of the research that has been conducted. Also, it provides insights into what other kinds of research already exist related to the topic. Writing an annotated bibliography helps in developing better academic research skills as well. For example, writing an analytical annotated bibliography helps in developing critical thinking skills as well as If this craft is learned carefully then the benefits of it are not limited to you only but you can also benefit those who aim to conduct research on a similar topic as yours and it can help them decide if the sources that you have used are relevant to their research.