Essay writing in example of "Bill of Rights"
by Diane

"Bill of Rights" is the collective name for the first ten amendments to the United States Constitution which were approved by Congress in 1791.  Students may take one of several approaches to essays on the Bill of Rights, depending on the desired length and scope of the paper.  One quite natural approach to an essay on the Bill of Rights would be an analysis of its history.  Since there was much controversy surrounding the ratification of the Bill of Rights, essays on the Bill of Rights may center on describing the differing views of those who favored and opposed the amendments.  Another historical approach might be a study on James Madison and his role in the adoption of the Bill of Rights.  A careful analysis of Federalist Paper No. 10 will give insight into what motivated Madison's bold thrust for the Bill of Rights.

Another course that students may take in writing essays on the Bill of Rights would be to focus on the amendments themselves and their historical importance.  If possible, one or a group of amendments may be chosen for in-depth analysis on the historical impact that the Bill of Rights has had on the United States and the world.  Other essays on the Bill of Rights from write my essay may prove useful, such as victims' rights essays or freedom of speech essays, if the essay on the Bill of Rights is to take this path.

When taking into account the events of the time, it is easy to understand that the Bill of Rights was originally instituted as a protection against abuses by a strong, central government.  In the current political arena, however, there are some who would advance varying interpretations of the amendments today.  The study of reliable sources on the Bill of Rights and conflicting interpretations will lead to a highly provocative essay on the Bill of Rights.

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